The fundamental objective of starting The Techanic was to transform the archaic retail scene experience.

Today we have so many great creators churning out great products. Yet, isn't it bewildering and unfortunate that most of these creative products seem to end up in the hands of profit-driven, greedy distributors? They, who are often far too focused on monopolising the market and capturing profits, ultimately discourage healthy competition - especially by taking advantage of producers, and locking them into constraining contractual agreements that benefit only themselves. Often, this simply does no justice to the creator.

But the problem doesn't end there. The burden is passed on to resellers and retailers, who also face a huge upfront cost in the setup of their retail spaces. Facing upward pressure from the distributors who seek high margins, some retailers have turned errant, while others have chosen to adopt and deploy cost-cutting measures to squeeze whatever margin is available from customers. And with demands for mountainous rentals from landlords, it's no wonder the only players left in the scene are the "big boys" - the multinational retail chains.

Ultimately, the primary objective of retailers - to provide the best possible customer experience and customer service - has been forgotten in the name of financial gain.

But the most surprising thing of all is the stubbornness of many of the existing retailers. They stand by their outdated systems, believing these will bring them forward in the years to come, and assume they'll always be in the game. But everybody knows that innovation, not stagnation, keeps you in the game.

So what about The Techanic?

The Techanic wants to accelerate and modernize the retail industry without compromising on user experience. In fact, we want the foundation of the next generation of retail to be built on the basis of customer experience. Every product, every customer, every transaction is an experience.

In order to get to that goal, big leaps in terms of creativity are required from both creators and retailers. We need creators to focus what their products while we focus on building the best experiences a consumer can ever get. We need to creatively utilize the latest advances in technology to augment the retail scene and transform it into a highly modern one. We need to be the "Techanic", using technology with the effectiveness of a good mechanic with his tools.

So what you can expect from us?

  • A refreshing retail experience with the best customer support.
  • Investing in unconventional beliefs, companies that build great products and infrastructures.
  • Transparent business practices that will ultimately empower creative creators.
  • To stimulate the market again with great products that benefit consumers.
  • And hopefully, as a result of all this, the betterment of society by taking a greater responsibility and the driving of constructive competition, and perhaps most importantly, a better world through more sustainable practices by always driving innovation and efficiency.

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